Saturday Botanical Illustration Workshop with Mary Gwyn Bowen

Learn the art of botanical illustrations in pencil and watercolor with artist Mary Gwyn Bowen! This workshop is a combination of Mary Gwyn’s classes:

The Magic of Flowers-Creating a foundational drawing
This workshop will focus on the drawing skills that underpin a botanical watercolor painting. Emphasis will be on the differences in pencils, shading techniques,erasing, transferring a drawing to watercolor paper, perspective, dimensions and more. An under-drawing can make or break a painting. We’ll focus on the essentials of a solid foundational drawing. No experience necessary.
The Magic of Flowers-Creating Authentic Color
How does a botanical painting come to life? The secret is accurate color. When dynamic color is applied, the flower truly comes to life. In this workshop, we will focus on color mixing, utilizing complimentary colors, powerful shading, clear color applications, essential paint colors and more. No experience necessary. Drawing skills helpful.
The Magic of Flowers-Botany and Plant structure
One of the keys to botanical painting is the identifying of the actual plant. Is the plant distinguished from other similar plants? Sometimes the differences are minimal. This workshop will focus on details of particular plants, making an accurate depiction. Basic botany will be covered. Currently blooming plants will be utilized as the subjects. Students are encouraged to bring their favorite flowers or plants in. No experience necessary.

Workshop held at Art Hub Havana
Saturday, August 4th
10am-4pm (with a one hour break for lunch)

Class size: minimum of 5 students, maximum of 12 students

Register using the form below:

You may pay tuition upon arrival or by using the link below:
$50 Botanical Illustration Workshop

Feel free to contact Mary with any questions about the workshop:
Mary Gwyn Bowen

Mary Gwyn Bowen is an artist, art educator and RN working on blending these three career paths. She loves to teach workshops in the watercolor techniques of the centuries old tradition of botanical painting. In her art, she focuses on the beauty of the flowers and birds in her garden, the play of light on water and other beautiful natural places. Mary Gwyn obtained a degree in nursing from Excelsior College, Albany, NY, a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, D.C., and a Master of Arts in Art Education from the University of Florida.

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